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Coxsackie Virus

Poor Ryan came down with Coxsackie virus last week. Also known as Hand Foot and Mouth disease as its mainly recognized by small red itchy blisters covering the child's hand feet and around and inside the mouth. For the first few days Ryan was pretty sick so i took him to the ER. He had recently been at a birthday party and the child was recovering from viral meningitis which started with spots that looked exactly like Ryan. After some Internet scanning I found out that HFM is the leading cause of viral meningitis in children! Luckily as Ryan didn't have a high fever etc the dr didn't suspect meningitis thankfully. Ryan did have a particularly bad case of HFM as his spots were all over his body and very red and angry. Even after a week off school he still has many spots but most of the blisters have now scabbed over. Will probably take another week or so for them to disappear completely. Just in time for Santa!    Im so not ready for Christmas at all this year. Ryan being …

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