When I took off Murphy's blankets after the winter I was horrified with how his coat was shedding, blotchy and bald in parts. The worst I had ever seen him look. I quickly got him on some linseed oil (usually would use flax seed but I cant seem to find that over here and linseed is pretty much the same) and prayed that after the shedding he would be fine. Well out 24/7 for an Irish winter seems to have agreed with him and his coat has come in healthy and beautiful, evidenced by the abundance of dapples which will only come out if the nutrition of the horse is good. For a previous "show" horse, pampered and fussed over for 13 years, to slumming it outside I would say hes looking rather well.  I'm glad I made the decision in December to move him barns. I didn't realise that due to all the rain Ireland gets most barn owners, to protect their fields, keep the horses in all winter over here. Yes, not like in New Jersey where turnout time is severely reduced due to cold, ice and snow, but the horses still get out at least a few hours a day, here they are in a sense on lock down. I just couldn't do that to him! So happy I found this place with huge fields, its very quiet but has the added bonus of only being literally round the corner from my house. I have dreamed of having him this close for years!!


Jamie said…
no spot to just send a message so I will have to comment...don't have to publish my comment...I wanted to tell you where we got Madies rain stick! It all began with Grandma buying her one that she randomly found at Homegoods in the toy section. she pretty much chewed thru the end of it and later we could never find them anywhere unless they had some huge caterpillar head on the end...ended up finding them online... I don't know the brand cause its all chewed off..lol I will look and see or ask her dad and post in my blog. Its the BEST toy we have gone thru two already.

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