Pediatrician appointment and some walking

Today we had Ryans 6 month follow up with the pediatrician here in Northern Ireland. Nothing much to report as thankfully he has been very healthy over the winter, seems the Irish weather agrees with him. We have appointments set or have already seen all the specialists she put us in touch with so all his health issues are being dealt with. Will follow up with her in 1 year. 

After the appointment I heading round to the PT room to sit in on one of his sessions. Heres a short video of how he is doing with his walking. AMAZING!!! His steps are so deliberate and purposeful. In the past he has looked like hes falling forward and gravity has been making the steps out of necessity but here he looks so upright. This child may walk after all. Its been a long road but he is the epitome of NEVER GIVE UP. 


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