7! Really ?!?

Happy seventh birthday, Ryan!!!

Wow, so hard to believe you are seven already !!! When did that happen !!! Mum was right, time really does fly by. Well since 7 is a totally momentous birthday (who doesn't remember their 7th birthday?? ) and this year has been a little momentous for all of us also, we decided to throw a pretty big party at the house. The last time we did this was for your 2 year birthday. We missed out on the first birthday party extravaganza as we were both not feeling too well. I was in the emotional throws of developmental delay and you had a 105 degree fever so we pretty much gave it a miss that year and put it off until the next. Truth be told I'm not a big lover of traditional big birthday party's for you. You don't really care about all the stuff other little boys care about like presents and cake and party games and pinatas. You cant really partake in alot of those things in the traditional sense so I cant see having a party for other peoples kids to enjoy. You are more interested in more simple things, being with those that really love you for you, enjoying swings with Daddy, or reading a book with Mummy, puzzles with Granny, or attention hoarding from cousins. So as this was our first year in a new house, new country, we decided to hold a party for family and close friends.  

First thing to do was to get the house ready, or rather tame the garden that had not been looked at all winter. Luckily it was the Easter break in Ireland so my mum was off school and able to lend a helping hand. The garden is definitely looking better, it still has a long way to go but its much much better than when we bought the house after lying empty for a couple of years. We have alot more plans for the outside of the house but we are trying to tackle them in bite size chunks as it just gets too overwhelming otherwise. 

I picked up the cake the day before the party. Shaun the sheep withthe cutest sheep cupcakes. We took Ryan to see the movie about a month ago and he loved it, chuckled the whole way through. 

The day was a great success. Many people from our past and present showed up including a few friends I hadn't seen in 20 years with their kids in tow. I think Ryan enjoyed his day surrounded by love. The only hitch was when I couldn't find the candles! Big mummy fail, but Ryan didn't seem to care.

I tell you this everyday, but I will put it in writing anyway Ryan, - I love you. I love you for the little person you are, not for the little person you might have been. I love caring for you, and making sure your needs are always met. I love taking you to your appointments and making sure you are always well taken care off, and you have a loud voice. I love playing with you, reading with you, lending you my finger, my arms, my strength for however long you need them. If I sometimes seem tired, sad or frustrated, please know that's it not you, its not your fault. You are and will always be my light. 


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