Playroom Update

One of the first rooms we needed to complete when we moved into the new house was the playroom. Ryan has no fear of danger so with construction and cleaning going on I needed a room that he would be safe in when we couldn't watch him. 

Here's a reminder of how the room looked when we moved in, complete with alter. The previous tenants for some reason were using this room as a prayer room. We removed the alter, kept the bench, and painted trim and walls white. I decided to go with white walls as I knew there would be alot of color added with Ryan's toys. 

I covered the bench with a cushion. At some point I will add doors to the seat on the bench so we can use the inside for storage. 
Floors were painted with grey floor paint and an Ikea rug was added. 

The Borgsjo bookcase from Ikea was the perfect fit for the corner space, and provides lots of storage, the most important thing in a playroom. 

A chalkboard was added with an Ikea Ribba picture ledge underneath to hold duster etc, this ledge is also sturdy enough for Ryan to pull up to stand on. Ikea Fintorp containers serve great to hold chalk and pens, out of reach from Ryan when alone as he has a habit of writing on the walls. 

On the other wall we have a sturdy Ikea console table. I hope to put some picture frames above this for Ryan's own paintings. 


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