Best Daddy

To the bestest Daddy in the whole wide world. 
You carry me when my legs wont work, and give the best piggy backs
You take me to the pool and hold me up so I can splash and splash and splash. 
You bring me into your bed in the morning to snuggle, even though my elbows and knees could be considered methods of mass destruction. 
You have wheeled me when Im sure you would have rather chased me.
You have sat in hospital chairs many times beside me, slept in hospital beds even though my fever was so high the heat was unbearable you didnt let me go and prayed for me the times the doctors thought I might not make it through
You accepted me way before i was born, and promised you would love whatever life I was to live. 
You have never broken that promise, even though you have never heard I love you or even heard me call you Daddy
I do love you to the moon and back, and mommy thinks you are quite cute too. 
Happy Fathers Day!!
Love Ryan xxx


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