Worrys and Hope

I think back really fondly to my time at school. I have been told that I took off running my first day at nursery school and didn't look back. Ive always been quite independent, I think that comes from spending alot of time with my granny as I was a girl in the middle of 2 boys, with barely a year between each of us. I have only good memories of my time at primary school. Well mostly good, I was VERY upset when the the school gym was burnt down by vandals the year I would get to be in the school musical (I had been dreaming of that day for years!) At 11 I went to boarding school (scary looking place, see above, run by nuns who treated us like their own) and LOVED every minute of it. Whats not to love? spending 24 / 7 with your best friends. And yes, it was my choice, that independent streak on over drive again. School came easy to me, I loved to learn, was good enough at sports to not be embarrassing, and had many friends. Lately Ive been thinking about how school will be for Ryan and this thought fills me with dread. As he gets older and his time in Early Intervention gets shorter I'm becoming more and more anxious about preschool. I just cant imagine putting my little 3 year old on a bus to go to school all day. And to what type of school? Will he be able to move around the classroom himself, will he be able to communicate, will be be able to have friends, will everything always be so difficult for him? My head is so full of these worries right now for him. In the midst of the soccer craziness that has been on the TV this week a news channel put on a story worth telling. About a boy called Eric who happens to have Autism and the speech he gave to his high school class on graduation day. Thank you Eric for being an inspiration to your peers, and for showing this mother that all things are still possible.


Your fears for Ryan parallels ours for Bricen, but it's the best thing we've ever did for him. He blossomed after a couple of months at preschool...praying the same happens for Ryan.
Jennifer Thayer said…
Funny that I your post today, but I was just pondering school and friendships this morning.
Will Roa have friends? It is so hard to make it through school with teachers, homework, peers. How will he do it and handle it with such motor difficulties?
It is a very real fear for us parents. Scary for sure!

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