Summer review

OK, I'm calling it, Summer is officially over in Northern Ireland. This is how we are dressing at the moment.

Murphy has 2 sheets on and I'm considering the medium weight blanket and its still only AUGUST!! But looking on the bright side it feels like Fall, I love Fall, or Autumn as they call it here. So what did we get up to this short summer

We found a great place to walk Brodie. Hes lost a little pudge and I think Ireland agrees with him. 

As you can see, Brodie had a bit of a shave, Ryan did too, which I always love as you can see his little halo again. I'm not 100% sure why he has this ring of lighter hair but I think it has to do with how high his cystic hygroma came up. Its a little reminder of what a miracle he really is. 

We had another visit from Claire, Greg and the lovely Eva again from Dublin. Had lunch in a little authentic Southern BBQ place in Belfast called Bubbacue, check it out if you are in the area. Loved it. 

We had some PT sessions at the local hospital, Ryan wasn't impressed, but his walking with the walker is getting much better. The district therapists also delivered a stander for the house. His hamstrings are getting tight again and hes staring to crouch when walking. Im hoping the stander helps with the tightness and we are not heading for surgery. We have an appointment with the local orthopedist in the next few months to discuss. This is Ryan's not pleased face while at the hospital.  

Ryan has had a few visits from Gerry from the charity Cedar who comes to do play therapy with him every week. Ryan seems to like the company, and I'm liking the few hours respite he provides. 

We have visited quite a few museums that i remember going to as a kid. Northern Ireland really does have some great touristy things to do that are so enjoyable and educational. 
We visited the Ulster Transport Museum with some friends. 

And the American Folk Museum wit Billy and Lauren

And the Ulster Folk Museum with Granny and Uncle Mickey and Natalie who were over from Huddersfield for a week. 

Granny with a story tellers mask, quite scary

Sampling the soda bread made on the griddle. 

Under the weeping willow
School is always fun!

Weavers cottage

We also checked out the Titanic exhibition. Its a huge draw in Belfast and really worth checking out. Titanic was built in Belfast which once housed the largest shipbuilders yard in the world. Harland and Wolfe's giant cranes Samson and Goliath and still one of the most recognisable parts of our city skyline. 

My sister Brid at the exhibition
 "Belfast is a different city. Once abandoned factories are rebuilt. Former industrial sites are reborn. Visitors come from all over. So to paraphrase Seamus Heaney, it is the manifestation of sheer, bloody genius. This island is now chic." Barack Obama


Anonymous said…
Hi, Marie Clare, this is Josephine from a thread over on "Herding Cats". I just want to make absolutely sure you didn't misread my last post - which was basically repostings from Wendy's posts - but I assure you not in support. I am totally in support of you. I was responding to Wendy's statement "not sure how anyone would pull that from any of my writings." I cannot tell if she is really stupid enough to write "while I respect your decision", and actually think she is being truthful when she follows it with masses of opinion that clearly shows no respect whatsoever - or she just thinks that everyone else is stupid. We get that all the time over here, and I am so tired of "We respect your decision" or "We are not trying to take away your options" while absolutely fighting for all funds to go to inclusive schooling and none to special schools, and basically calling people who send their kids to special schools ignorant. Sorry - just with your "still singing" comment, with no further comment (that I can see) having come from Wendy - I was a bit worried that my last one was not clear.
marie clare said…
Hi Josephine, hope you see this, yes, I totally understood your last comments and did not think for one minute they were in support of Wendy. I just realised that by replying to her was not helping anyone. She was getting nasty and had no ability to even see others opinions that i thought best not to even respond to her. Sorry the still singing wasnt directed at you :)
Anonymous said…
Cool,I was worried you might have just skimmed it.

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