Happy St Patricks Day

Please folks, this PSA from Dublin Airport says it best:

ht saint patricks day 2 sr 140317 16x9 608 Please Dont Call It St. Pattys Day

OK, now Ive got that off my chest ......... phew ........ hope you had a good one. 

I went to Ryan's school for a going away party for Ryan and the schools first St Patricks Day parade. So much fun to see the kids all dressed in green and the school playing diddly dee music in the corridors. Do you like his new hair cut? JB couldnt take the long hair anymore so he took his own clippers to it on a #8. I think he did a pretty awesome job and may have found a new calling. 

Packing is coming along, and we are nearly ready to go. Flights are FINALLY booked, talk about waiting until the last minute! But next Wednesday we will all be Northern Ireland bound, 2 parents, 1 child, a dog and a cat. The horse has to wait until April 1st in the hope I have a home for him to come too before he lands on Irish soil. If he survives the trip (please pray, this is only said half in jest) he is going to be the happiest little horsey in the world in Irish green fields the like of which he has never seen before. Hope the rough and tumble Irish horses treat my little pampered American horse well and don't beat up on him. 

Some news from back home, the floors are being stained at the moment. They are not quite as dark as we hoped so we are all on tender hooks to see if the floor guy can get them the correct shade. Nothing much is happening work wise in Ireland today so we will have to wait until at least tomorrow to hear if he has a solution. 

Too light, right? 

But as my mom the ever optimist says, all is not lost, the daffodils are blooming. Well, thank goodness for that. :)


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