Anyone hearing crickets on this blog?
Sorry for the long absence, there has just been so much going on here and I haven't had time to think really let alone write. I have many half finished posts in drafts which i will get too some day and upload.
We have been crazy here getting ready for the Big Move. Organising and packing furiously, its amazing how much you collect in a house after 10 years. The 40ft container came last week, and it was touch and go whether it would make it into the driveway due to the snow banks on the road, but we squeezed it in, gathered a few poor souls   friends, and spent 3 days packing it up. The job is finally done and the container has left the street, on its way to Ireland.
 Slan abhaile (safe home) all our worldly belongings, see you in 6 weeks.


Momttorney said…
Good to see a post! I too have a bunch of draft posts . . . . and no time to finish them. such is life. xo


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