House Progress

Mum and Dad have been working hard at the house, trying to get the front yard in better shape while we wait for the electrician and plumber to come. The yard was pretty overgrown from being vacant for a year and all the pavers had weeds growing up through the cracks.

 Ground leak at front of the house has been fixed and is currently drying out.

 Yes those are lights in the pavers, they continue the length of the driveway.
 We plan to change these patio doors into a window and move the patio doors to the left side. The house looks weird with 3 doors at the front, and this will also let us put in a more workable kitchen that wont have an island in-between the sink and the cooker. More on that later.

 Now we can actually see the steps and path leading up to the pond. We are planning to fill the pond in and dismantle the steps etc and just lay grass to make the area cleaner. All the cuttings are currently going towards fill for the pond
 Looking much cleaner already.


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