There's a worry that lives in the hearts of all parents that have kids with special needs. Will my child be accepted, love?, will he have meaningful friendships and interactions with others.? After all, what are we all here for than to interact with other human beings. Its a basic human need. Everything else is just gravy. Today Ryan's school went on a trip to the pumpkin farm and petting zoo, and I got the chance to know the answer to that worrisome question. Ryan's teacher, aides and therapists have been telling me for a while now that he has a special bond with a little guy in his class called Chris. Today for the first time i saw that for myself. These two have an unspoken language, a language of laughter, gestures and eye contact but I also think a sense of similarity. As soon as Chris sat down beside Ryan it was hard to not notice the change in them both. Their eyes lit up and they looked at each other and immediately shared fits of laughter. Both these boys are non verbal and non mobile. I often hear reports from school that if Ryan is upset Chris will get his attention and make him laugh, and vice verse. Special friendships can truly transcend the challenges of disability and not being able to speak. Please keep Chris in your prayers tonight as he recovers in the PICU from adenoid surgery.   

Ryan looking all dapper for his school photo. 
Another special person both Ryan and I call a friend, his school aide Lucretia. 


RaeLeah said…
I'm thrilled to see that Ryan has a special friend. Evie has made a few connections, but nothing quite like Ryan has with Chris. I look forward to seeing a bond like that develop for her. Thank you for sharing!

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