Push to the Finish

This weekend we had scheduled a 5K race for Ryan. Don't worry, I wasn't running so you can all sit back up on the chair you just fell off. No, the race was run by a great charity called Push to the Finish (click for link). It was their first race in New Jersey so we are hoping there will be many more. It seemed to be a great success and was really enjoyable for the kids. We purchased a special needs jogging stroller off eBay for Ryan but unfortunately he didn't have the chance to use it as the day of the race he was quite sick. It had turned cold here in NJ so I didn't think 5K in wind would be such a good idea but we were able to tag along and support his friends. He will have many more opportunity's to use his new stroller though as it pushed like a dream even over the sand and grass at the barn so will be great for going with John on his off road walks with Brodie. 5 kids turned out from Ryan's school and they all had alot of fun. This is a great organisation for all you runners out there to get behind and they have races all over the country.  

Mom, Im not feeling so hot. 


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