This week we made our yearly crack of dawn trip into NY to see Ryan's opthamologist. I try to get the first morning appointment with this doctor as hes usually way over scheduled and we tend to sit a long time. Its never a good sign when the Dr's waiting room has an abundance of toys in it. Tends to mean you're in for a long wait. If i didn't really like this Dr and we only had to go every 6 months to a year I would probably find another though as the wait is torturous and I think unnessessary. The appointment itself wasn't very dramatic. They dilated Ryan's eyes and turns out his eyesight got a little better. Yep, i guess that actually happens!! The turn in his eye also got a little better so the Dr just told us to keep up what we are doing, which is actually no patching at the minute so we will just keep an eye on it until his next check up.  


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