First big boo boo

Its a milestone right? Not one that is celebrated though. Ryan fell down some steps at home and is now sporting a shiner. Luckily he didn't do any damage to his actual eye but must have hit the lid pretty hard, it really isn't pretty. The picture doesn't quite do it justice though.

We haven't really needed to baby proof the house too much as Ryan is not a huge adventurer and we always have a watchful eye on him but hes getting more and more curious and doesn't have any sense of danger. While he can get off the couch and out of bed properly he has no clue how to handle stairs. We have a gate going into his room but we have many doors leading to steps and stairs that we must keep closed. With nannies and therapists in the house sometimes that's not always possible.  I put a call into his PT at school that this was a skill we needed to work on as soon as possible. 

Of course its not just stairs we need to be prepared for, there are many hidden and not so hidden dangers in a house. 


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