Summer Break

 Ryan qualifies for extended school year due to his delays. So as per his IEP he goes to school all year except for August. This week the school had a break for July 4th. Before school broke up we received the letter advising us which class Ryan would be in next year. We hit the lottery and are once again are in Mr Mickeys class. Ryan's teacher had actually whispered this to us at the school gala but I didn't take it for granted until I received the letter. I'm really happy he will be in the same class this year, it helps with consistency and Mr Mickey is a great teacher and Ryan has done really well in his class this year.

During Ryan's week off we managed to do a few fun things. We checked out a local  pool we hadn't been too before. Ryan LOVES the water and hes getting really strong in the pool. Its amazing to see how far he has come in a year, hes holding himself up in the water much better even without a float.

JB needed abit of a snooze after all the swimming

We also checked out one of NJ's smaller zoos. Ryan wasn't too interested in the animals but he loved the carousel and the train.

Waiting to get on the train
Ryan's tutor Madeleine visited him 2 times this week. They are still working on counting, prepositions and writing his name but he seems to be improving with each session. She said she heard him say IN which I didn't really believe until Karina corroborated.

Friday night we checked out the local special needs baseball team. This programme is run by the parents of twins with cerebral palsy and it was nice to see alot of Ryan's school mates there. Ive found that alot of special needs programmes in the area are usually full of children with quite mild disabilities which is fine but its also nice to be part of a group where the kids have more severe delays too. Ryan made a little friend with a little boy with autism. Living up to his T shirt slogan Ryan wanted to give him a big hug but the little guy was quite shy.

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th!


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