G.I. Appointment

This week Ryan had his yearly follow up with his gastroenterologist Well, it was supposed to be every 6 months but things were going well so I stretched it out to a year. His weight and height are both good, both 43 so 50% for weight and 25% for height. She was happy to hear I was able to wean Ryan of his evening dose of prevacid without adverse effects although we still very much need his morning dose. I picked her brains about Robinul for drooling but she felt very like me that as Ryan is not aspirating and can handle his secretions very well then there's more harm to be done in drying him up. We could open him up to constipation issues which thankfully he doesn't have and as hes already heat sensitive therfore it might be dangerous for him to sweat less. So we will keep trying to change the behaviours rather than medicate. I think that with all his issues the drooling is more a motor planning issue rather than anything else, nothing with Ryan is automatic and like he had to keep telling himself to hold his head up until it became natural he will have to tell himself to swallow.
JB's is at the Saratoga races this weekend, living it up with the lads. Hopefully he wont loose all Ryan's college savings before returning home! 


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