Fun in the sun, Hollywood style

My mum and sister Brid (that's Irish for Bridget and pronounced Breedge) were in Hollywood Beach, Florida this week visiting my aunt so we took the opportunity to fly down to see them. When they asked what we wanted to do for the weekend I just said "relax". Its so unlike us,  normally we fill our days on vacation with running to see this, that and the other but this time I truly just wanted to relax, take it easy and take a break from our over scheduled crazy lives and enjoy our family who we don't get to see too often. We all needed the break.

 My aunts apartment overlooks the boardwalk and beach and Ryan was determined to get out there as soon as possible. (can you spot the Irish family?)

 Taking a quick power nap from our time in the sun.

Ryan enjoyed his time with Granny

Go away Mum, I'm eating!!

Sunday was Fathers Day so we had a special breakfast just the 3 of us. Theres just something extraordinary about Special Needs dads and John is amazing with Ryan. By his actions with Ryan he reminds me every day to see Ryan as a 5 year old first and not to sweat the diagnosis, cant dos, and might dos if we work more.

After we got home Ryan wasn't really eating and was running a slight fever, he was coughing quite abit as well. I think hes just exhausted from all the heat and goings on at the weekend and hoping he will bounce back soon.


Kelli McIntosh said…
I just saw your comment on my blog at and am looking forward to reading through your posts! I read that your son has done son begins hippotherapy next week and I am looking forward to it!

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