Who says he doesnt talk?

Ryan and I headed to A.I. DuPont hospital for children this week to meet with their genetics department. Ryan's regular local geneticist is on long term medical leave and Dr Cohen from Johns Hopkins has moved to Toronto hospital for Sick Kids, leaving us with no one to see for Ryan's yearly follow up. I decided to head a few hours south to DuPont as I have some friends that have been very satisfied with their genetics department. I also wanted to be in a hospital situation in case we needed blood draws and any further tests.   

Seeing a new doctor gave me the opportunity (or necessity) to update Ryan's medical binder . After checking and locating all previous appointments notes from Ryan's 8 plus specialists I filed them each according to speciality and date. I designed and printed a nifty front and side cover and we were all set. It felt great to get this paperwork organized and eliminate some of the piles of paper I have sitting around our home office.  

We had a great visit with Dr Gripp. Nothing astounding or surprising was discussed but we were assured that we have had pretty extensive genetics testing thus far. The one thing we should do now is Whole Genome sequencing. Getting a script for this test was really my basis for coming to the appointment. We will have to come back with JB and discuss how far and how much we want to know from this test. The lab at DuPont is not covered by my insurance so we will probably have to have the blood drawn in Hackensack. 
We will also have an MRI with MRS done finally. Dr Cohen had wanted this done when we saw him at Johns Hopkins but we hadn't proceeded with it yet, so now is definitely time. 

When Dr Gripp was trying to take Ryan's head measurement (which he has always hated having done) he blurted out a really clear, loud and determined "NO". Dr Gripp asked "Who said this kid doesn't talk!"

Ryan slept soundly the whole way home, exhausted from his day trip and the appointment, or maybe he had used up all his energy with that one little word that was music to mummy's ears. Blessings happen at the oddest of times. 


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