Thanksgiving has come and gone and its hard to believe in less than a month we will be at Christmas and then the start to a new year, new possibilities, new dreams. I'm quite happy to be putting this year behind us. Its been a tough one. Not necessarily for Ryan but for many of the people who love him. After the trials of the last year we have so many things to be thankful for.

- Ive had alot of health concerns these past few months. It seems I hit 40 and things started to break down. I will write more in another post but luckily everything seems to be coming back clear so I'm very thankful for my health. My little guy needs me to stay strong and look after myself so I can look after him. Ive started a concerted effort to not put my health on the back burner any longer, and i am once again trying to make my body and mind important in the ever growing to do list.

- I'm thankful for the great dad Ryan has, who can step up when his wife falls apart, and cant do the heavy lifting any longer. For all the mornings you got Ryan ready for school and on the bus, while I was in pain, thanks Babe.

Starting our thanksgiving craft

- I'm so thankful for all the great progress Ryan has made this year. He has made great strides in gross motor and continues to advance his play skills, and cognitive skills. I'm so very happy with his class placement at school now, and I really feel hes in a class environment where he can learn best. This has taken a weight of my mind, and I am happy to send him off on the bus in the mornings. My worries about his school placement have been lifted.

- I'm very very thankful that my sister will sleep in her own bed at home tonight.

Craft didn't turn out so good but Ryan was happy to continue with some finger painting . Always a favorite

- My whole immediate family has been dealt some traumatic blows this year but I'm very very thankful that by the grace of God my brother is now out of hospital and rehab, and is keeping positive and strong about his new "normal". Life may not always be easy but I'm so profoundly thankful you are still here with us Paul and we get to support you in this new life. I'm thankful for a family that can move mountains to be there when someone truly needs them to be, not just for a day or a week, but for months until the crisis has subsided.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with their own families.


Kim and Asa said…
Do you like that AAC app? Asa has it and is doing ok with it. We think he's purposefully using "home", "school", "pool" and "milk". And he request "candy" a lot too! I've been reading though that a big AAC app with choices hidden is better. The thought being that you start them on what they'll use for a long time and hide the choices they don't need now. A $25 app is better than the $200 one for my wallet though! :)
marie clare said…
Hmmm, I'm undecided. When I use it I feel there's a lot of things it could do much better. I agree with you that we are probably best with one of the bigger more well known apps that also focus on language and sentence building. I like the "speak for yourself" app but Ryan's not really up to that yet. I'm school he is doing really well with the Gotalk 9, so I think we just have to keep moving up the levels. What does Asa's school use with him for communication? I'm hoping at some point having an AAC eval so the district will pay for his device / app, it's all about timing though as they don't want to pay for 2 in close succession

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