Stormy Sandy

New Jersey was hit last week with a hurricane, Superstorm Sandy made landfall at the Jersey shore late Monday evening, October 29th. Luckily although we had a few trees down and our power, water and heat were off for 8 days we generally fared ok.

Down at the shore there was much more devastation. I'm sure you have by now seen the photos on the news etc. These photos below are hard to look at for me as I spent a summer at Seaside Heights during college. Its hard to see such destruction of the boardwalk and the surrounding homes. 

We had abit of an scare the first night after the storm. We had hooked up the small generator and late that evening the carbon monoxide alarms went off. I got everyone out of the house and called 911. I was amazed the fire department were on our door step in less than 5 minutes. As I was feeling a little nauseous the EMT checked mine and Ryan's vitals. Ryan's sats read 84 but as he was acting normally we put it down to the use of an adult probe, which i know is not accurate on little fingers and declined the trip to the hospital. We did get a high CO reading in the laundry room, turns out although the generator was far enough away from the house the gas was coming through the dryer vent. Scary stuff! Generators can be deadly and generator use during Sandy has already claimed at least 9 lives, you can read all about that here.

Halloween was abit of a bust, we still didn't have  electricity and Ryan's school was closed for the week.  I made a few of these cute little Ghost Treat Box for the kids in his class so they would have a little something when the school has their Halloween parade this week, better late than never.


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