Needle in a haystack

Its not usual for us to go to the ER and are actually allowed to walk back out the door we came in but last week  it happened. While i was getting Ryan ready for school in the morning, doing his regular leg stretches for his tight hamstrings, i noticed he wouldn't extend his knee on his left leg. Every time we tried he would cry out in pain and wince. He had a little heat in the knee and some very slight swelling (yep John says i sound like I'm diagnosing a horse!). He was refusing to put weight on the leg and while he would crawl it was obviously painful to him as he cried with each move. So off to the ER we went, I was thinking he might have torqued his knee by getting it caught in one of the bars of his crib. Bad mummy MUST get his big boy bed sooner rather than later. its not only getting embarrassing but maybe dangerous that hes still in a crib.
By the time we arrived at the hospital and waiting to see the Dr his knee seemed much better, still a little heat but the Dr couldn't palpate any areas of pain. We took an xray of his knee which was negative, and some inflammatory blood test markers which were also negative.

The next day we thought we were in the clear as he seemed back to normal but over the last week or so hes been getting progressively more and more unwilling to walk. At Medek therapy this week, the PT found an areas on his left ankle which he was obviously in pain from. We headed off to the pediatrician and once again   a miracle had taken place and the Dr couldn't find any soreness. Sigh ........... So we are in a holding pattern at the moment, I guess it will either get better or get worse and we will be able to tell whats wrong. We are backing off a little on walking etc in the hope that maybe its behavioural and Ryan just needs a little time to process the walking / standing independently thing. My gut is hes tweaked a tendon or ligament  but I would think that would show up with more heat. Time will tell i guess, he sees his physiatrist early November and we will discuss once again then idea of serial casting.


RaeLeah said…
I hope Ryan feels better soon and that the leg soreness isn't anything more than some tweaking like you said. I see you take hospital pics too. I do the same thing. I always wonder if the doctors or nurses think I'm nuts.

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