Inspire a Generation!

The Olympic season ends today with the close of the Paralympics Games in London. However, if you live in the US unfortunatly you may not know that!

As Tom Goldman said on NPR radio, 
" Americans will have gotten about five and a half hours of highlight shows. No live broadcast of events by the time this thing ends. Compare that to the host country, Great Britain, which will end up showing a reported 500 hours on several platforms. Obviously, our TV networks don't think viewers would be that interested. But consider how coverage done the right way might change that interest level. And here's an excerpt from the magazine City Journal."
""The Paralympics are an invitation to watch, ask and learn. As people have asked questions, the press and the athletes have obliged with answers. How is it that a person who can't walk can control a horse? How can a person propel herself in a pool using only her legs? With knowledge and familiarity come respect and admiration. Viewers watching women's swimmers on TV in a London bar last Thursday were marveling not at a freak show but at physical prowess""

With the popularity and controversy around Oscar Pistorius Im just hoping the US will recieve better coverage in 4 years time. Its unfotunate that NBC does not think the American people would like to cheer on their MOST inspirational athletes, some who were maimed and disabled fighting for this county like gold winning swimmer Lt. Brad Snyder, blinded by an IED explosion in Afghanistan.

Well done everyone!! We WERE watching. 


Heartsong said…
Hey Marie Claire,
You may not remember me. You posted on my blog a couple of years ago when I was expecting a baby that was not expected to live until delivery. Isabella did live and she is thriving. The doctor kept telling me that he thought she was T13 or T18,but she has Turner's Syndrome. She's bright and healthy. I check on you and your son every so often. It is wonderful to see that he is doing so well.
Thanks for the encouragement at that time. It meant so much1

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