Step by Step

Such a huge milestone happened today, with Azriel in therapy Ryan took his first independant steps today, 4 in total! Look at how proud he looks. Hes still a long way from walking but I have doubted at times over the years if the little guy that couldnt hold his head up uilt 14 months, sit indepedantly at 17 months or crawl until 25 months would ever get here, at times it seemed so far away. But in my heart I have always known he would, he was just doing it in his own time, putting all the pieces together one by one.

Some other cute things are happening on the milestone front, Ryan can now get off the couch by himself safely. He  wants to dip his fries etc in ketchup, and wants to show us everything he makes or draws that he is proud off. He can take the tops of markers now, oh that's a dangerous one, my walls are not safe anymore from the budding artist!


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