Starting Medek

Quite a while back Ryan's physiatrist at Children's Mountainside Hospital mentioned trying Cuevas Medek Therapy with him. He actually said "You have one of the best pediatric physical therapists on the east coast  right on your doorstep, I think you should utilise him!" How could I say no? I had actually thought of trying CME with Ryan throughout the years but wanted to wait until his gross motor skills had progressed to a point where he would get the most benefit from the therapy, now I feel is that time. Ryan is pretty close to walking, he just needs motivation, confidence and alot of work on his balance and awareness of space and gravity. I feel Medek therapy will be great for that. As hippotherapy is postponed for the summer as Ryan doesn't do well in the heat we have some time and funds available to pursue this.
Our first session was a 2 hour evaluation and report. Ryan was very sick that day but I didn't want to wait for another appointment so we proceeded and Ryan did wonderfully. The therapist had a great insight into what Ryan would respond too and i was surprised to see there was no crying especially as this is a male therapist and Ryan has never worked with a man before except his phys ed teacher in school. Azriel (therapist) feels that Ryan makes things much harder for himself than they have to be and fights his own natural movement when doing something hes not comfortable with. He felt Ryan was abit of a puzzle (theres that word again) but very bright and we just need to give him ways to put all the pieces he already has, together.
Here's the website if you want to know more about the therapy:

The above video is of Ryan's second session with Azriel where they are working on independent standing, Ryan actually stood completely independently for 10 secs during this session so I have great hopes for things to come.


laurelsmom said…
My heart swells with joy for Ryan watching this video. For some reason,it reminded me of a foal standing the first time just before they right themselves and walk. I can't wait to see what's to come.

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