Mothers Day letter to Ryan

Dear Ryan,
If I want you to know one thing it is that you are perfect, in every single way. You may never run the fastest, walk the steadiest or talk the clearest but to me you are so much more. You are brave, sensitive, joyful, inquisitive, and more loving than we could ever have hoped for. You have been given many many incredible strengths. Always take pride in how far you have come and have FAITH in how far you can go. You remind me every day to stop and take pleasure it the little things that are so easy to miss, you have taught me what is most important in life (it was a lesson I needed learning) and how life is too short to be wasted. How hope is always there, waiting in the wings, and how strength can be found when you need it most. I fear this life may not always be easy for you but know that I will never let you down, I was always be behind you when you need encouragement, beside you when you need companionship or support and in front of you when you need protection. I will always be your advocate, your guardian, and before all else your mom. You are amazing Wee Man, and I am so very honored you chose me to be your mum.
love Mummy xxx


kira isaksen said…
so beautiful!!

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