Grannys and Grandads and ..... more sicknes .....

My mum and dad arrived last week to spend 2 weeks with their favorite grandchild. Dont worry, no ones offended, Ryans their only grandchild. (My 4 siblings need to get a move on!). Ryans had a great time playing with them and going on many walks with his new bike he got for his birthday, although I did hear when he got tired the other day he was trying to get into parked cars for a ride home!

Between Ryans birthday celebrations, his yearly IEP and some doctor and school appointments we have crammed quite alot in. Unfortunalty Ryan has also been sick. He wasnt quite over the last little bout of flu and it came back with a vengeance, rendering more high temps and another trip to the nurses office at school and a few days off.

Here are some of the fun things we got up to!
- Ryan and grand parents took the dog for a walk

- Granny hosted a birthday party at school for all Ryans classmates.
- We took a very long drive out to Long Island for adjustments on Ryans afo's were were giving him pressure marks on his heels.
- We went for a blood test that never happened as the lab my insurance uses doesnt test at the facility the dr wants the blood tested at. More calls to insurance company needed. Some times it feels like its never ending.
- We visited a new school for Ryan. Although on a whole I am very pleased with Ryans school I still have the niggling in the back of my head thats telling me he needs to be around typical kids more. He loves being around other kids and he truly watches them and learns from what they are doing. I decided a while ago to find a school where Anna could bring him at least once a week so he could be in a class with regular preschoolers. I found a little Lutheran nursery school near by that seems like a great fit. They didnt have a problem with Anna staying with Ryan to help with transitions etc. Hes with the younger kids at the moment but can move up to another class as he gets used to the enviroment.
His first day he met some baby ducks and played with a new friend. One of his goals on his IEP is to share. He truly has only child syndrome and hasnt learnt the skill of sharing yet. Im hoping that being around these kids his sharing and playing will develop more.

- We had alot of "puffer" treatments. Luckily Ryan doesnt mind these although you can see he refuses to wear a mask.

- Went to Lakeshore Learning for their Saturday free craft and made a cowboy boot. I love how this store has a free craft every Saturday in their stores all over the country.

- Ryan painted lots of masterpieces on his new easel. He is really into drawing at the moment so his granny bought him this easel for his birthday. It has alot of storage and is so sturdy that Ryan can use it to pull up. Hes also getting some great PT work in while standing with his arm up, strengthening his trunk. 
- Had a birthday party with delicious ice cream cake. 

- Went for a ride on a merry go round..... and wanted to go again and again and again. 
- Got hair cut, he needed it!

He partied on and stayed up well past his bedtime.

Ryan was also introduced to THIS!!! He was so not impressed!


Kim and Asa said…
Precious photos!!! I got Asa the same potty. He is less than thrilled too! I did go into his room one morning and he'd put the diapers from the trash can into the potty! I guess that's a small step of recognition! :)

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