Back to Burlington

This week, Murph moved back to his previous home. I'm not riding as much so it made sense as its less money and more turnout, which I'm hoping will really benefit my bank account and his annular ligament. To be honest i felt a sense of peace when we moved back, theres some stuff going on at his previous barn that i just didn't want to be a part of, and my new motto is that life is stressful enough that I'm trying to remove stressful elements from it as much as possible, be it environments, situations or unfortunately friends.
Murph spent a short week in a small turnout getting to know his new friends. I was a little worried about how this would go down as Murph is not great with being on his own but he was wonderful and took the semi isolation in stride.

As I explored the barn I came across Champs old stall, his stall plate is still up which brought a little sadness. We miss you Champie, hope you are enjoying your new home.

The day of release came and Murphy was ecstatic to be let out in the big field was his new friends. After alot of running and kicking his heels up he settled out to do what Murph does best .... eat! Yep that's him all the way on the right.

New friend coming over to say hello

Part of the herd.


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