Off to Florida

Good bye New Jersey, Hello Florida! Hello sun! Hello relaxation, hello no work, hello fun. I really need this vacation, work is crazy at the moment and it doesn't seem to stop. I feel bad leaving the rest of my crew to get ready for a big appointment when I get back but I have my laptop with me, hoping not to have to open it. John is already complaining about carrying it. Its a beast!
We spent the first day at Universal Studios, the sun came out and we geared up for a great day.
Meeting Dora and Diego. He wasn't quite sure what to make of them in life size form.

Waiting for the ET ride. Ummm, he wasn't a fan. i felt sorry for the poor people behind us as he cried the whole way through. Maybe next time he will be old enough to enjoy it.

I'm melting ..........

Highlight of the day, BARNEY!

Getting cool while waiting for the show to start.



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