Animal Kingdom

Our last day in Orlando was spent at Animal Kingdom. This park is so beautiful. Its a visual treat of color, light and unusual sights from all over the world.
At the entrance you are greeted with the Tree of Life. If you look closely it has all types of animals carved into it.

If you see one attraction at Animal Kingdom, see the Lion King show. Its fantastic. In the introduction they bring couple of kids up to repeat the animal sounds. I was feeling a little sad wondering if Ryan would ever be asked to participate in something like that, and then they chose a little boy with Down Syndrome from the first row. Guess that was my answer! LOVE Disney!

Yep, JB had to get on the roller coaster. Ryan and I didn't brave this one.

On the train out to the petting zoo and Disney vet clinic.

"No, mum, not afraid at all!"


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