Amelia island

Early morning we packed up and headed about 3hrs north to Amelia Island. Its a quaint, quiet little island very close to Georgia. We stayed in the downtown area that has a lovely collection of shops, restaurants and historic sites.

its amazing a different 3 hours can make as the weather was really windy, and little rainy and quite cold, we did venture onto the beach however. Ryan wasn't really fond of the loud, crashing waves.

I love this picture but if you look really closely you can see the extent that Ryan's feet pronate without his braces on.

In this one you can get an idea on why his orthotist wants to do serial casting. See the weird angle his right foot isbeing held at, like its pronating although not weight bearing. Because he pronates so badly he muscles etc are staying that way, and very soon he wont be able to to stand properly on the soles of his feet if we do not intervene.

The second day we headed to Georgia to visit Cumberland Island although decided not to go as its not a place for the stroller and Ryan's a little heavy to carry all day. This is a small island that used to be owned by the Carnegie's and has been left untouched. Wild horse roam the beaches there. The town nearby has a lovely little museum that is worth checking out.


laurelsmom said…
wonderful pictures!
RaeLeah Jenis said…
I'm glad you had beautiful weather while in Amelia Island. It's about 45 minutes from my house. We were just there last weekend for the Concours D'Elegance (fancy car show). We still haven't been to Cumberland, but hope to make it sometime next year.

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