Upper Endoscopy

Ryan had his upper endoscopy today. By the time the appointment rolled around he was tried, hungry and really cranky. He would cry hysterically when anyone remotely medical looking at all came near him. The only thing to keep him calm was when i would quiz him on his colors in the waiting room. He perked up though when he was wheeled into the operating room and seemed very excited about all the lights and machines! He weathered the anaesthesia like a champ although it did take him over an hour and half to wake up but seeing he was past his nap he was probably just sleepy.
After the procedure the Dr handed me a lovely pic of the inside of his oesophagus and said she didn't think he has EE but took biopsy's to be sure. He does have significant inflammation though so we will have to really look at his reflux meds and his motility.

(yep, I left my camera skills at home that day!)


samreen said…
How do you feel after an upper Endoscopy surgery,How long were you at the hospital for an upper endoscopy?

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