Today started really early. Ryan and I were up at 5, out of the house by 6 , for a 7.30am appointment, yep you read that right a 7.30am opthamology appointment. As the appointment is in a different state and i have to cross the notorious Tappanzee bridge so i had to leave plenty of time. After the appointment we rushed across state lines again and Ryan made it back to school for a 9am PT session. The PT was waiting for us and I got a chance to speak to her about the orthotics. She feels they are fine, I do not. Then back across state lines and the awful bridge to be in work for 10.15am. Yawn .......... is it home time yet?

The appointment went well, just a check up really. Patching seems to be working so we are to continue with that, but we may need to do the operation at a later date. Yuck.


RaeLeah Jenis said…
That is one busy morning. Glad to hear the appointment went well.

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