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"Follow your instincts, thats where true wisdom manifests itself" Oprah Winfrey

I eluded to meeting with Ryan's PT in the last post but things have been really bothering me about his afos. He was doing great with the walking a few months back, getting so strong walking holding hands and in his walker, cruising and pulling up to stand everywhere and now it seems hes doing less and less each day. I rarely come into the room and see him standing now. Its a real job to get him to do any walking in his walker. The major event during all this change, was getting the new afos. He was without afos for at least a month while we waited for the initial appointment and for them to be made, and then another 2 weeks while we were waiting on getting them fixed as they were causing huge blisters on his heels. Even when they were adjusted Ryan was showing no inclination to bear weight in them. He would go back to the noodle legs we haven't seen in years! They are hinged so I thought maybe he just feels really unstable but I feel i gave them a fair shot and things weren't getting any better. So I went back to his old afo's and hes been doing much better. Pulling to stand again and not fighting as much in the walker. The PT feels the new braces are fine but I'm tired of listening to professionals when my inner mommy voice is niggling at me. I'm going with my gut on this one and booked an appointment with his previous orthotist. Dr J's braces are unlike anyone has ever seen and he uses alot of carbon inserts etc that your don't see on regular braces but they seem to work well for Ryan. I only went to the other orthotics guy as Dr J is 80 miles from the house and I was trying to simplify my life. Of course the new braces will now come out of pocket to the tune of $2000 but I really feel these will be best for Ryan. Ive found that PTs are very wary of what they haven't seen before and I feel this is Ryan's school PT's hesitation with his old braces.
I found these really cute lunch boxes online from Bento and I'm on a mission to make Ryan's lunches more nutritious and interesting. Thankfully as hes now chewing much better and eating by himself we have many more choices on what he can take for lunch. I may even do some baking (shock!!!).

I also like the Dr Sears nibble tray for a take out tray and this lunch bag from Sugar Booger


RaeLeah Jenis said…
If there is anything I have learned it is to trust my gut when it comes to my daughters care. I wish I had listened to it sooner, but that's water under the bridge. Your lunches look amazing!
RaeLeah Jenis said…
I have learned to trust my gut when it concerns my daughters care. I wish I listened to it sooner, but that is water under the bridge. Best of luck! BTW, the lunches look really yummy!

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