Stressful Week

Its been so long since Ive written, I have dozens of half written posts that never seem to make it out of the draft area. Life just gets in the way of blogging some how. I was downloading pics onto the computer and finally decided to sit down and write a post before i leave to see Murphy. My poor horse has been neglected these past few weeks, and i feel bad as hes such a low maintenance animal and this week hes really needed my attention. He is off in the left hind, he injured his annular ligament there quite a few years ago but has always been 100% sound ever since, last weekend turned up lame. After 2 trips to the clinic (first time he got off the trailer was miraculously sound again, probably from adrenaline) and some ultrasounds he just has some swelling, no tears or lesions which is REALLY great news. Injuries to a horses protective sheath that wraps around the back legs' tendons are notoriously lengthy to heal so thankfully this wasn't the case like the vet first thought. He should be fine with some time off and gentle work. This week I also had a bit of a health scare myself which turned out to be nothing thankfully but it was a rough week in our house and the worry totally took the fun away from John and I's 10th wedding anniversary. The issue was probably something stress related, isn't everything? So Ive made a resolution to myself to eat healthier, get more exercise and generally take better care of myself. Its seems Ive let alot of that go for the last 3 years and it needs to stop. I tend to internalise stress and I need to find a way to let it out and move on. Yep, easier said than done, but stress does a number on ones body, well that and old age could also be a factor.
I finally got around to going through the mountain of mail and paperwork that has been piling up in our office. Not really because I wanted to but because i had too. I needed to find old drs reports and test results from all Ryan's specialists to send to John Hopkins in Maryland. Ryan has an appointment at the hypotonia clinic there next week. I'm not really suspecting that this appointment will reveal anything new but this doctor sees alot of hypotonic kids so he may have something to add in terms of a diagnosis. As time passes i get used to the idea of never having a diagnosis for Ryan but something keeps niggling me to keep searching.

Some pics of Ryan and Daddy enjoying Fall on the lawn mower, and the surprise i got the other day when I saw Ryan putting the key in the shape sorter box to open the door to get the shapes out. BTW if you have a child with poor dexterity in their fingers this shape sorter is wonderful as the pieces go in really easily and the child doesn't have to position them 100% correctly. Its from AMBI toys.


Hope the rest of October is more relaxing!!

Ryan is such a handsome lad :)

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