Summer report

Ryan starts back to school tomorrow. No more late nights and lie ins. Its up and at 'em bright and early. "Granny Bootcamp" was really productive this summer and Ryan has learnt quite a few new skills in just this last month while being off from school. I wanted his teacher and therapists to know about all these great things emerging so they could continue to work on them in school and as I don't get the chance to talk to the teacher as often as i would like, and Ryan cant exactly tell them himself, I had him write a little note...............


I great idea to let his teachers know how well he's doing.
Andrea said…
Wow Ryan is doing so many great things! It must be so encouraging. Sorry about hue sleep study it sounds awful .back to the good news it seems like Ryan is really doing so many new things and in my option many of them seem age appropriate . I am not certain as Sid is miles behind Ryan but to me it looks like he is making huge cognitive gains. Hope he has a wonderful school year .

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