Oh Canada!

This week has been pretty busy. We all headed up to Canada by car for the engagement party of JB's niece. Ryan had great fun playing with his cousins, although I do have to admit it stings a little to see how far along the girls are even though they are very close in age to Ryan. Its abit hard on my mummy heart. But i managed to put that aside and ultimately had a great time.

When we got home we had a bit of a crisis as our nanny had to go back to Mexico to take care of her mother who just had a car accident, so it was abit of a rush around and series of last minute interviews to find someone for Ryan. Luckily I think we have found someone that will be great. Time will tell of course. And Brenda's mom seems to be doing well.

We got the results of the sleep study. Ryan has mild sleep apnea of "central" nature. The dr didn't think he needed treated for it at the moment. Although he does snore there was no evidence of obstructive sleep apnea. He actually spends a great amount of time in dream sleep which is the most important part of the sleep cycle. He does twitch etc more than normal but nothing to worry about. His O2 levels were between 90 and 95 so once again, low, but nothing to get too crazy about. So basically, in true Ryan form, the sleep study didn't yield any answers on why hes been so sleepy during the day.

In other great news Ryan is now spooning his own food quite effectively! He can eat a whole bowl of ice cream all by himself. Its an absolute TREAT to just sit back and watch.


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