Mito Awareness

You have heard me mention Mitochondrial Disease on this blog before. A few doctors have mentioned it for Ryan but we havent pursued any further testing for it yet. In the last 3 years though i have "met" and got to know quite a few families with little ones living with this disease. Many I met on the first Hypotonia board where they had hypotonia along wth a myriad of other symptons just like Ryan but also just like Ryan they were mostly undiagnosed. It amazes me how over time many went on to be diagnosed with Mito.

Mito can take many shapes and forms and is largly misunderstood and underdiagnosed by the medical community. This week was set aside for Mito Awareness Week.
These kids need a cure!
Thes kids need a viable treatment!
Statistics show mito is as common as all childhood cancers put together and sadly, just as deadly! That statement is a hard pill to swallow.

Please click on the below link and meet one of those families whose beautiful son Jack is living his life with mitochondrial disease.


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