Summers over!
Now its Fall,
Just the nicest time of all!

I love Fall, the multitude of color and the cooler temps are good for the soul. Ryan, JB and I celebrated the start of Fall at a Harvest Festival held by a living historical farm here in NJ. The farm is a true working farm as it would have been operated in the early 1900's. I love stuff like that ........

JB says we have a picture of Ryan hanging onto every fence in NJ and my grandfather would be laughing at me taking pictures of sheep. But who can resist......
Exhibition of horse drawn buggys. Look so similar to the one I had growing up. Yep, thats me in the weird spikey hair with my little brother, grandda and great uncle. I love how Goldie is "on the bit" If youre a horse person you will know what that means. My friends and I took this "gig" everywhere, yes we even took it to mass one Sunday and parked it right outside the chapel. The old timers got a kick out of that.


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