Week in Review

The week started of pretty nasty as our whole house was sick with the flu. We were scheduled to do Ryan's sleep study but it was canceled due to him being so sick and congested which would have skewed the results somewhat. By the weekend everyone was back on track and we took a trip to the NJ Botanical Gardens. Now with NJ being the Garden State you would think that their botanical gardens would be breath taking but unfortunately that's not the case. They are nice but certainly nothing to write home about. The day was beautiful though although Ryan had some problems with the heat.

We have been working with Ryan on washing his face and brushing his own hair etc and my mum thought it was a good idea to get him a doll so he could start practicing pretend play. Hmmm, I wasn't too sure how "down" I was with this idea at the start, I guess I'm not as liberated as i thought i was but I came around as long as we could get him Soccer Dora. He does watch videos of Dora and loves them so Ryan was really excited to get his "doll" and has been carrying her around everywhere. I'm sure this will wear off in a few days though and he will go back to Buzz ;)

Hes also been doing really well with scribbling and is now really interested in doing little art projects and coloring.

(Guess Ryan is a popular name in our neck of the woods)


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