What is it like to mount my horse,
To touch his warm body,
To breathe in his scent ......
What is it like to move in his rhythm,
To feel every rise,
Every fall of each hoof,
What is it like when we both work together,
We move and we run and we turn and we halt.
What is it like? You might ask .........
Let me tell you .........
My mind opens up ........ My body relaxes
My heart fills with hope
I can reach for the stars!
(Robin Montegari)

Ryan started hippotherapy today with his EI therapist. The helmet took a little getting used to, he kept patting M's head to tell her to take off the hat! But he sat up straight and tall and did a really good job.
(The horse looked so like Murphy)

Straight from the horses mouth so to speak (sorry couldn't resist!) here's his PT talking about the advantages of hippotherapy.

In other PT news Ryan has started pulling up to stand in the house, all by himself, with his own motivation. This is a huge deal for him, because it lets me know he feels his balance is getting good enough now to be on his feet. Hes being cruising for a little while but I knew he wouldn't pull to stand until he felt he was ready.


I'm stopping in from the SN blog hop and wanted to say "hi." It's great that you are able to get your son hippotherapy! It's something we are looking at for the future with my son. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it from you!

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