week in review

This week JB and i teamed up and knocked out a few appointments together. jB took Ryan to his yearly cardiologist check up. Apart from the fact thar Ryan was being a pill about having Dr Snydor perform the echo the appointment was pretty uneventful. When it comes to the heart that's just the way we like it. Ryan's valve is still thickened and he still has a murmur but it's still stable and not causing any issues. Come back in 2 years. Yay!

We also recieved some good news from the pulmonologist, Ryan's repeat sweat test was normal. While this doesn't rule out cystic fibrosis it significantly reduces its probability. We also recieved word that ryan is deficient in vit D and one of his antibody titers was low, funnily enough this titer is usually linked to asthma.

We rounded the week off with the long overdue dinner with Ryan's EI therapists. It was lovely to be able to take these ladies out to say thank you for all the hard work they have done with ryan over the past couple of years.


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