GI Appointment

Ryan and I met with a new GI doctor today. We have been seeing more and more reflux even while on the prevacid. I wasn't that happy with his original GI, well not happy enough to pay out of network costs to go back to her so I found another. Tell me why is the GI outpatient department of a major NJ hospital not take ANY insurance? That just doesn't make any sense to me. Luckily the new one is on my plan and she turned out to be so much better than the first. She is upping Ryan's prevacid to 15mg morning and night and we are to go back in 3 months to reevaluate. If the reflux is still breaking through then she will consider doing some allergy testing. Ryan has always had a sensitivity to milk that we have semi controlled by eliminating certain things etc but as the Dr put it we are kind of doing half and half as he still gets yogurt and cheese. If hes still spitting up alot after the increase in medication we might want to consider that some of what we think is still reflux might be from an allergy.


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