Dentist and fondu

Ryan saw the dentist for the first time this week. I usually don't stress about doctors appointments but I was more than a little worried about this one. Even though I had chosen a dr that has a great reputation with sn kids I couldn't shake the feeling that Ryan, and a stranger in a white coat trying to stick things in his mouth would be a recipe for disaster. Luckily i was wrong! The dentist had a great way about him and put Ryan at ease immediately. Ryan was a superstar and recieved a glowing report. His teeth are all in excellent condition and with great spacing. It was great to get our first perfect report from a doctor. Turns out the dentists wife is ryans school nutriianist who we shall be seeing in a few weeks for a consultation. Small world!

In other news this week I had my first meeting with the CTC moms group. We met for fondu (which wouldn't have been my first choice). It was so nice to spend the evening with women that just "got" the life of having a special needs kid, no explanation.


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