week in review

Its been a busy week. Ryan starts school in a little over a week so I have been frantically looking for a new nanny. Unfortunately Diana needs to work full time and with Ryan being at school all day I just don't have the hours for her. I have been busy looking for someone else but its hard when you are only offering 3hrs a day of work. Not alot of people want to give up every day for only 3 hrs. Today I finally offered someone the job and she accepted, so I'm very glad to tick that chore of my to do list. Not having someone lined up was stressing me no end so now I can relax a little and enjoy his last week or so in EI.
I received a phone call from Ryan's pulmonologist and the results of his sweat test were in. His result was "borderline" (45 to be exact) so she wants us to repeat the test and do some additional blood tests that will look at genes normally associated with cystic fibrosis. She doesn't believe he has CF and if he does its very mild, it is just common practice they repeat the test with a borderline result. She also wants to repeat his chest xray as it still had concerning "scars" on his lungs when checked last.

We also visited Dr B for Ryan's 3 year old well check. We had some paperwork to fill out for school and also had to bring his vaccinations up to date. The "selective and delayed" vaccination schedule worked out really well for us and it meant he was only missing his MMR and polio and HebB. We did the Polio and HebB last week and MMR today. I felt so much more at ease doing the MMR at 3 rather than at 1. Hes still 85 - 90% for height, and his weight jumped to 33lbs which is 60%, which is a great increase from 25% last check.
We had his Formal Intake Meeting with his new school. Basically just a meet and greet between the school staff, therapists, Ryan and myself. Each therapist asked questions about his skills, day to day activities, feeding etc and the school nurse took the details on all his current drs and medication. We will all meet again in 30 school days to review his IEP goals and discuss how Ryan is settling in. I'm still having a hard time accepting that Ryan will be going to a disabled preschool but if this is where he needs to be to have the best chance at progressing then I'm learning to accept it. The school comes highly recommended by everyone I have spoken to in our area so I'm praying this is the right placement for Ryan. We have had such luck with his EI therapists that its hard to let go a group that has so much love and hope for your son and hand him off to a group of strangers but change is not always a bad thing in the end...... I hope ......

We are waiting anxiously for my mum to arrive from Ireland and preparing to celebrate Ryan's 3rd birthday. Hard to believe its nearly 3 years since I first laid eyes on this beautiful little face.


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