first day of school

(Up bright and early and happy!)

The day got off to a great start, everyone was up bright and early and waiting for the bus (which if you know me that is quite a feat as I'm late for everything but my mum is here and shes the opposite of me!) 10 mins later .... no bus ...... 20 mins later .... still no bus .....

(Playing with Daddy, waiting on the bus)

30 mins later ..... bus driver calls and they are at the wrong house! Another 10 mins later the van finally pulls into the driveway. For a few days Ryan will be on his own in a van as the driver is trying to figure out the route before adding the other kids. So big yellow bus pictures will follow in a few days. Ryan got into the car with 2 strangers with ease and was too busy making friends to realise we were not going with him and they were driving off the street. My mum and I followed in my car and after being 40 mins late the van must have put pedal to metal as they managed to arrive at the school 10 mins before us! By the time we got there Ryan was being fitted for a chair. Uh oh, this statement put the fear in me. When we got to his classroom they were having morning snack and Ryan was none to happy to be in a chair with way more supports than he needs. We adjusted the lateral supports because they are truly not needed and I'm hoping they were just erring on the side of caution and when they really get to know him they will have a much better feel of his strengths. This chair did upset me though. His school is not just a regular preschool with some special needs kids and some typical kids but its a school for the disabled and many of the kids have more extensive needs than Ryan. I'm hoping and praying that they wont try to fit him into a disabled box. I see Ryan as very typical, I'm not sure if that is a little sprinkle of denial on a whole bowl full of hope but I try to treat him in the most typical way I can. I have many typical expectations of him, eg he has to be somewhat quiet at mass, he has to help dress and feed himself, tidy up him toys, go to bed at the right time etc etc. I'm terrified they will see disabilities first and Ryan second, eg if he was slumping in a chair I would say sit up Ryan and keep reminding him until he did it, where they automatically thought "needs more support". While feeding they were using a teeny tiny little spoon you would use for a 4 month old and spooning it into his mouth when he is capable of putting the spoon in his mouth himself. They were taking the teddy grahams from his snack cup and feeding them to him when he is very capable of taking them out himself, and actually digging around in the cup until he finds his favorites and throwing the other less desirables away! I'm trying to put faith in the fact that this school comes highly recommended and I'm sure there is a learning curve with every new child, but I have a fear that Ryan is so go with the flow that without my input they wont give him a chance to show his skills. There is also the added worry that there isn't a space in the classroom that is actually more suitable for him development wise until July so there is only 1 other mobile child in his temporary class. The homily in mass on Sunday was quite apt.The priest spoke about a guy that fell out of a boat and was drowning. A ship came by and offered help but the man sent them on with the words "the Lord will take care of me" A helicopter arrived, and the man told the pilot, "it will be ok the Lord will take care of me" The man drowned and at the gates of heaven asked our Lord "why didn't you take care of me?" The Lord replied "But i sent you a ship and a helicopter!" So while having faith that everything will turn out fine, I will also have to reevaluate the school in a few weeks and if need be put on the advocacy hat and do what needs to be done with the school for Ryan.

The great thing is that Ryan came home all smiles and seemed to have a wonderful day. I know his teachers will love him!

(Wow mum, its Buzz!! Thanks Stacey)

(still patiently waiting)

(hanging out with granny)

(finally in the van, still all smiles)


Momttorney said…
I'm so glad to see this! Been waiting all week for a school post :o) Glad the first day went well, and that wee man seemed to like it. I hope, like you, that as they get to know him there, it will be a great fit. It's overwhelming, but I think this is just the start of our journey of making sure the SN world gives our kiddos the support they need for their strengths to shine and to be their best little selves and that they aren't underestimated.
Angela said…
He is so dang cute! I look forward to hearing how the school adapts to Ryan's ABILITIES!

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