3rd birthday

This week we celebrated Ryan's 3rd birthday. This is a huge milestone for Ryan and a big change in our life. This date marks the day when we will be leaving behind early intervention and joining the school system. After the big party last year (which reminds me I never wrote a post on that so if you see it popping up in the next few days don't think Ive lost my mind completely) we decided to do something small and with immediate family. Its been a busy and rough few weeks with ageing out of EI, finding a new nanny, and saying goodbye to our old friends that to add a big shindig to the list would have been a mountain I didn't want to climb. Ryan didn't mind though as he had his 3 favorite people there, daddy, mummy and his granny who flew in from Ireland to see him (really me!) through the first week of school. We opened presents at home and then had a quiet dinner at a restaurant close to home. Its hard to believe Ryan is 3! In some ways he seems so like a baby still but in more ways hes very much like a wee man, just one that doesn't walk or talk yet.

This week his pictures from Venture photography finally came. I think they turned out really well.

We ended the week with picking up his glasses which he was none to thrilled about. He now has 2 pairs, one plastic pair to wear until he gets used to them and one pair of metal frames. We will see how it goes but its not going to be easy to keep them on.


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