Spring has sprung!

Finally the weather has changed and we are able to get outside with the walker. He is going up a hill so the PT needs to give him a little hand.
(sorry, dont know how to turn the video around)


Momttorney said…
AWESOME!!!!! We've been trying out the Pacer at Sammie B's school a bit, but they keep too many of the prompts/supports on! (The PT needs to experiment a little, but that's for another day - she's a bit "complacent" in her job I think!)

We are hopefully trying soon with fewer of them. I can't tell from the video which ones are on for Ryan - just around his chest?
marie clare said…
yes, just the one around his chest and its quite loose, but he needs it until he learns to really hold on with his hands. Which ones do they use with Sammie? I cant imagine she needs much more, she does so great with standing.

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