Back on March 15th we had an appointment with a new opthamologist. While i liked the previous dr I felt he wasn't taking my concerns about the turn in Ryans eyes seriously enough. In the past few months all Ryan's therapists have mentioned his eyes turning more, and concerns about his vision. I have also noticed that in later photos what used to be a rare turn is now becoming more of the norm to see. This was something the opthamologist Ryan has been seeing since he was 5 months old told us would get better with age, not worse! One of Ryan's therapists has a child with vision issues so we went for an appointment with her doctor. Turns out Ryan does have a true turn in both his eyes at separate times and needs to be patched. He is also near sighted so he also needs glasses. Not a huge prescription at the moment, and we could probably get away with waiting on the glasses until he is about 6 but the doctor felt if he will keep the glasses on it will be easier to patch his eye. We headed to check out kids glasses today and i think we're in for a battle. Ryan wouldn't have them anywhere near his eyes! Lets hope this gets better with effort. He did look kind of cute in them though.


Anonymous said…
Try making a glasses club. If he wears his glasses like "someone" for "a week" the glasses wearers will get a special treat.

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