Oh no!

Wee man has decided that he doesn't like macaroni and cheese!! Hes turning his nose, pushing it away and covering his mouth, I think that's loud and clear that he doesn't want it. Now to be honest I don't know how any kid likes macaroni and cheese, i hate it, cant stand the stuff, would never eat it if my life depended on it, ok maybe that's a little exaggeration, but i think you get the point. Awful stuff, but seemingly kids seem to like it, and Ryan loved it ..... until now. It was always that easy thing to feed when we were in a rush and JB wasn't cooking. Ryan is a "great feeder" as we would say in Ireland as long as the texture and lumpiness is just right. Hes still on alot of mashed foods as his chewing is a work in progress. Vegetables are too hard, will only eat the mashed up kind, he wont touch fruit if he has to eat it himself, the squishiness makes him gag, it seems that everything that hes able to chew at this point and can lift himself is not healthy, eg fish sticks, chicken nuggets, although its still a battle to get him to eat them himself until he finds out ..... once again ...... that they taste good. Hey, if I had servants feeding me for 3 years I would probably fight the whole self feeding thing too, funny how he can put away teddy grahams like they are going out of fashion all by himself. So I find I'm constantly battling on what to give him. Add in the fact that i don't cook and our options are definitely not wide ranging. Its quite hard keeping him on a somewhat healthy diet with all these factors.
Found a really cute book at Borders that I think will become one of our bedtime favorites, Huggle Buggle Bear. I love the illustrations, and its just a really adorable story about a boy looking for his bear before going to bed. Ryan loves to point out each of the individual animals when asked. Hes still using his thumb to point but we are working on Peter Pointer. Seems we were a little too successful at getting those thumbs out and usable when he wanted to be fisted, not he wants to use them for everything.


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